Monday, November 19, 2012

Children: 2 Parents Needed!

So, it is simply amazing to me how much easier tasks can be when two people are doing it rather than just one.  I don't think I fully appreciated this until we had Caleb. 

Last week was one of the weeks that I tend to dread.  Matt was gone pretty much all day and night on both Monday and Tuesday with work and meetings in the evening.  Wednesday we did have together in the evening and then Thursday we traveled to DesMoines together and did not get home until dinner time.  I have learned to keep myself busy, for example meet up with friends or have them come to our home to make the time pass quickly when Matt is not at home.  Being an extrovert, this also makes me not so stir crazy to be "stuck" by myself with no one to talk too. :)   

When Caleb was only 2 or 3 months it was almost impossible to get anything done when you were home by yourself.  It was hard to fix a meal for yourself, go to the bathroom and shower.  It sounds so silly because we all so easily forget what it is like when it is not happening "right now" to us.  Now that he is almost 1, he can play by himself for much longer periods of time, but now that he is so mobile you must pay close attention to what he is getting into!  Each stage is challenging, but a blessing.   

I have no idea how single parents survive with their children.  I am so blessed that Matt enjoys spending time with Caleb and allows me to cook/bake or do other things in the evening while he plays/cares for him.  It is amazing how much more enjoyable your time is with your child when there are two of you to balance the tasks at hand.  It almost seems bearable and that is why God created the family to have two parents, a mother and a father, each unique in how they shape and influence their child. 


  1. So true...we've found this gets a little more complex with two, and I'm sure three or four takes multitasking to new extremes!

  2. Great post Cassy! I think you are right. God had a good plan. It doesn't always work out that way because of living in a fallen world, but if we strive after that good design (as much as it lies in area of responsibility to do so), life can sure be easier!