Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Survival Mode

So....the past few weeks at the Townsley household have been in survival mode.  Both of our cars needed to go in for routine maintenance and then they both had extra things that happened to them both a week later and so we were constantly juggling our schedules to see when would be best to take the car, leave overnight, pick up the car etc., etc.  It was frustrating but now all of our cars are ready for winter....at least we hope! :) 

Next up, our disposal in our kitchen also went out around the same time.  We waited about a week and then bought one.  At first you think, oh this isn't bad until you soon realize that your house starts smelling more because of food in your trash and it is a lot harder to rinse things out for recycling and just general clean-up after meals.  We had a dear friend of ours help Matt put in the disposal this past week, however, the plumbing underneath is still not quite right and we are having leaking issues; which means no running our dishwasher.  *Sigh*  Matt has been very gracious and did all of our dishes for me.  This helps so much!!

This week is also crazy for us as Matt has some very long days between obligations for work and also church.  Today I took our son to Coralridge Mall in hopes of getting some Christmas shopping done.  We did get a little bit done, but I was exhausted by lunch time already.  I have no idea how single parents do it.  When I am with our son for the whole day I am physically and mentally exhausted.  Caleb is such a great kid, too.

What have I been learning through all of these experiences/happenings?  Patience is one thing for sure and also how communication is so key in a relationship, especially marriage.  I know this, as I was a communications major in college, but each time life brings craziness, stress and even joy, I am consistently reminded of how key this is in learning to serve and love one another.  Relationships are hard, but we were created to live in community and desperately need each other to stay the course!

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