Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why Java and Joy?

Hello there!  Welcome to my blog.  I have been interested in blogging for quite some time, but until recently have not found the time.  Since becoming a mother last December (2011) and being an extreme extrovert, I have found it difficult to get the amount of social time in with friends, family etc. as I need or want.  I also use things like Facebook, Twitter and will use this blog for ways to outwardly process what is going on in life and what God is teaching me. 

So...why Java and Joy?  Well, I am a lover of espresso-based drinks or lattes as most people know them as. :)  My favorite drink is a mocha, but my tastes have gotten quite stronger since I started working at a coffee shop in August 2011.  I enjoy all things coffee!  I also have my own commerical size espresso machine at home (ask me about that story some time....)  and seek out fun new coffee shops to try.

Joy....the two biggest joys of my life besides my Savior Jesus Christ is my husband and best friend, Matt and our son Caleb.  These two fill up my life with so much joy and I can't imagine life without them both!

I hope that my blog posts will inspire you to find the joy in your life.  Each day will have its ups and downs and maybe even some really hard stuff, but God gives us new mercies each day and the peace that he is right by our side!   

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