Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Balance In Life...Is It Possible?

This past Saturday we had our son's one year old birthday party!  It went very well and I had planned ahead so that things would not be too stressful last week or even the day of.  In fact, last week seemed like it was fairly easy going and I had plenty of time to do things.  This week on the other hand, has not!  Have you ever had two weeks in a row that seemed drastically different? 

This week I feel as if I don't have enough time to do anything....spend time with my son, clean up the house, cook meals, workout and the list goes on and on.  I also have Christmas cards to work on and presents to wrap but with getting a cold, I just all of a sudden have lost motivation to do much. 

This week has also been filled with a lot of meetings for Matt so I think when we have less time together as a family we end up "wasting" a lot of time because we want to spend the small amount of time we have together, "being together."  This of course is not a bad thing at all. :) 

Balance is a hard thing for me.  It always has been.  Being an extrovert, I desire time with other people to go and hang out.  I am a huge relationship person and want to stay in contact with as many people as time permits.  I also believe God gives us other people to encourage us and teach us things about Him.  However, as I learned early on in our marriage, it can be easy to be "filled" up on those social relationships instead of our dependance on God.  People will always disappoint, God will not.    A friend of mine tweeted this recently and it reminded me of how self-reliant we try to be daily when in reality we don't need to be. 

"Let's imagine what life could look like if you dared to believe God carried both you and your burdens. How would today be different?"

The hard thing to remember is that God is not a genie.  He will not just give us what we want.  In fact, we probably don't really want to get all that our little hearts desire.  He is using things and people in our lives to draw us closer to a relationship with Him.  My goal in the next month is to try and read my Bible more.  I am excited to try and get back into reading more for leisure.  However, I have been convicted that if I don't have time to read my Bible, than I don't have time to leisurely read either.

Each day and each week is a challenge.  I love the things I am learning as we raise our now 1 year old.  A book that a couple of my friends have recently suggested to me is "Loving the Little Years," by Rachel Jankovic.  Has anyone read it?  

 My two favorite people! :)

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