Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Biggest Blessing in Life

Matt and I were married 5 years before we even started thinking about having children.  We love to travel and were able to do a lot of things we enjoyed doing together during this time.  Part of that waiting time was also due to the fact that I was also putting off the idea of having children.  Selfishly, I knew that when we decided to have children, it would take a lot of sacrifice on my schedule, social life and time with Matt.  I am also the youngest child of a family of three children and do not usually enjoy babysitting or being around children for very long periods of time.

A good friend of mine, who now has three children of her own, who also struggled with the same thoughts about having children started to help me see what a blessing having children could be.  I had never thought about the fact that the children that God gives you either through natural birth or adoption, were given to you by God to help them to know and serve Him.  They are not "your" children, but God's children.  It says in James 1:17, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."  

To be completely honest, I had never even thought as children as gifts.  I had also forgotten that as you age in life, your children can help care for you and the fact that you are helping pass on the truth and great news of how God has worked in your life through the legacy of your family.

So....Matt and I decided to start down the journey of starting a family.  We soon discovered that it was going to be a little harder than expected.  We were trying to get pregnant for over a year and were having no luck.  We got sent to an infertility specialist to start some testing.  Meanwhile, we were looking into adoption as an option and God was also working through some body issues that I needed to be freed from.  (I see this now after being pregnant.  I could not have made it through my pregnancy with so many lies that I was believing.  I had a stronghold in my life with exercise and diet and God was the only one that could change my heart and mind.)

It was a very trying time in my life and our marriage.  It was something that was completely out of our control and God did not have to give us an answer of why this was happening.  I was finally excited about having children and now we have to deal with this?  Getting close to a year and a half of waiting and after we had gotten on a list to start the adoption process, God blessed us and I got pregnant.  (Another amazing story I will share another time)

My son will be turning 1 years old in 10 days.  The first few months of being a mother and parent were rough.  It was a huge adjustment in so many areas of my life and God has shown me what it really means to sacrifice.  It is a good reminder that this is what he does for us daily through his son Jesus Christ.  I look at my son each day, even when he is crying or not going down for a nap and think, "I love this little boy with all that I am and there is no better place to be than right here with him and my husband."  When people said that being a mother was the best and the worst all at the same time, I couldn't quite understand that until I had my own child.

If we listen and watch, God is blessing us and teaching us so many things through our children, their personalities, and a constant reminder that we need Him to navigate this life!      

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