Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Lighter Side...

I love this time of year!  Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love the joy it can bring to so many people.  So....I thought I would do a light-hearted post to bring a few laughs and silly insight about me.

5 Things that make me smile:

1.  Coloring -- I love to color and when I am feeling stressed or need to just do something creative, I color!

2.  Cheesy Snacks -- It is true.  I cannot live without cheesy snack mixes, cheese popcorn, queso and chips etc.

3.  Akward Family Photos --  This website is hilarious.  I cannot stop laughing when I am looking at this site.  They also make greeting cards if anyone is interested. :) 

4.  Music -- I listen to the radio or music on my computer probably at least half of my day if I am able to.  It soothes the soul. 

5.  Gifts -- I love buying things for people or doing things for people that will make their day.  I could spend every day making people's day's special by "gifting" them things that would brighten their day.  (That is if I had an unlimited supply of $ ) :) 

5 Things that bother me:

1.  Spots on my glasses -- I clean my glasses constantly as I really dislike having anything on them.

2.  Lack of Communication -- Many people don't get back to people in a timely matter, whether it is through phone, email, text etc.  For me...I don't care what the answer is, just communicate something to me!

3.  Legalism -- In many churches across the nation, people are misled to think certain "rules" or ways of living are in the Bible and they are not.  This creates a double standard and hurts many who may fall away from following Jesus because they think that is what it means to be a Christian.  

4.  Rain -- I know that God created rain to give this earth moisture, but I really do not like rain.  It is usually cold, brings along very depressing weather and makes you stay indoors.  

5.  Animals -- I am not a huge fan of animals.  Not that I can't stand them, but I am just not drawn to them at all.  I may consider a dog some day, but for now, we are good.

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