Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Paleo Lifestyle

It has been a year since I started to try and change my eating habits to align more with the "Paleo" style/diet concept.  If you aren't familiar with this concept, click here for more information. 

When I first tried it, I went the strict route except for dairy.  I felt that I was always hungry and it was hard to stay full.  However, over the past year it has evolved into my own healthy lifestyle.  I have seen that by cutting out most gluten and trying to eat protein, fruits and vegetables and not a lot of processed foods, I definitely feel a lot better and don't crave sugar as much.  Another great benefit that I have really enjoyed from eating this way is snacking on nuts a lot. 

The biggest challenge for me is breakfast.  A lot of our typical breakfast foods are carbs or sweets.  Eggs are great, but most of the time you do not have time to fix them.  I usually resort to greek yogurt, some kind of nuts and dried fruit or a protein or fiber bar.  This lifestyle has also helped me even eat breakfast.  I used to be one of those people that would rarely eat breakfast.  I knew it was important, but I just wouldn't. 

My brother-in-law just introduced me to this company called graze.  If you click here you can try a box of their yummy snacks that will get delivered to you at your house for free!  I haven't received my first box yet, but it should arrive this week. 

I was reminded today of how all of our body; physical, emotional, and spiritual are all connected.  If we are not striving to be healthy in all of these areas, we will always crave something not good for us.  God has already brought me through a lot of unhealthy thoughts and actions with my physical body and eating habits for which I am grateful.  However, I am even more grateful that God will continue to change me because he loves me so much!   


  1. Cassy, I have lots to learn and excited to be more healthy too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How funny Cassy! I recently switched to a vegan diet! Good luck on your road! Let's chat soon!